Carolina NSA


SEPTEMBER 28 - 30, 2018 (Men's Elite, Silver, Bronze and Co-Ed)
Grand Park @ Myrtle Beach, SC

3GG - $450 but $50 discount if paid by 8/1/18 

Contact Mike Poe or the NSA National Office to enter. 

The NSA 44/400 Softball is BACK!

Come play NSA and hit the ball you all demanded!

Why should you and your team consider playing NSA in 2018?

- NC NSA gives you TWO umpires per game in all Qualifiers and Championship play.
- NC NSA is nationally governed by NSA, which has been in operation for over 35 years.
- NC NSA Umpires are trained and certified through a national program.
- NSA has a NATIONALLY recognized rule book.
- NSA goes above and beyond manufacturer bat testing with its own bat testing program.
- NSA World Series events draw teams from every state.
- NC NSA offers tournaments for teams of all level of play.
- NC NSA conducts its business with honesty and integrity.
- NC NSA is dedicated to meeting the needs of our teams, coaches, spectators, sponsors, and park owners.
- NC NSA appreciates and treats all individuals with dignity and respect.
- NC NSA continually strives for excellence in all we do.
We invite your team to give NSA a try and experience the NSA difference in 2018.